As GA is still in evolution, people around the world hasn’t settled down to a common way of indicating elements and operations. Here are the ones that we believe are the most common and least likely to cause confusion.

e_1, e_2 ... e_korthonormal basis vectors
\pmb{v}, \pmb{w} ...vector (bold lowercase letter)
B, D ...bivector
Iunit pseudoscalar
M^{-1}inverse of a multivector M (in eucledian space M^{-1} = M^\dagger)
M^\daggerconjugate (reverse) of a multivector M; it is also indicated with tilde above \widetilde{M}, especially in spacetime algebra
M^*dual of a multivector, i.e. its representation in the orthogonal complement
R = e^{-B\frac{\theta}{2}}rotor of amplitude \theta on B plane (bivector) coherent with the orientation of B
R = e^{-i\pmb{n}\frac{\theta}{2}}rotor of amplitude \theta around the \pmb{n} axis (3D only)
M \mapsto RMR^{-1}generalized rotation of multivector M by the rotor R

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